We are providing treatment of:

Athra, infertility, still birth, irregular menstrual cycle, leucorrhea, itching and discomfort, female internal weaknesses and problems, fertility problems of newly wed couples, recurrent miscarriages, nutritional deficiencies of babies.


If a woman faces frequent abortions or her children die due to vomiting and loose motion after birth. Such woman is the victim of the disease named athra. Woman suffers from this disease if there is a problem in her uterus. Babies of such woman often has pus filled pimples, boils, eczema and other rashes. Physically baby looks healthy but its immunity gets quite weak. Even single illness proves fatal. Some babies are born dead. Sometimes their formation in womb is incomplete i.e. hands, feet, fingers, nose, and other organs are not fully developed. In some cases body looks pale and weak and red patches suddenly appear on body which ultimately becomes the cause of death. Woman having such disease are more prone to baby boy miscarriages and all these things become the cause of concern for parents.