Sperms Related Problems

Sperms production occurs naturally in man. Their function is to help in baby formation by fertilizing the female eggs. Man has the ability to produce millions of sperm every day but due to bad eating habits and some other causes, the quantity of sperm decreases.

Sometimes sperm count decreases to such an extent that its reproductive function is completely lost. But as we know that God has already created remedies for every disease so, we must not lose hope. By the grace of God, we can treat the problems related to low sperm count and other problems such as spermatorrhea (jaryaan). We are providing our services since 1911 and give assurity of 100% treatment.

Before starting its treatment patient must undergo semen analysis in order to know his recent sperm count. The second sperm count test should be done after taking one month of medication in order to make sure that his sperm counts are actually increasing.