Narina ulaad

Children are most valuable assets and are true blessings of God. Parents love babies of both sexes i.e. baby girl and baby boy but if someone wants to conceive baby boy and favors the birth of boys and find difficulties in conceiving them then there is a good news we are providing the solution of this problem

Man has two sets of chromosomes X and Y on the other hand woman has XX chromosomes. Sometimes the Y chromosome of male is weak and less in number which decreases its ability to compete with other X chromosome of female and chances of conception of baby girl increases which is indeed a blessing of God but parents who wants to conceive baby boy then by taking our medicine the Y chromosome of male increases its vitality.

Course of treatment involves simple steps:

  • Male partner should take medicines for two months as Y chromosome is present in him along with X
  • Female partner should only take medicine upon conception.