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Our patients are our family and our goal is to provide them with best services and fulfilling their dreams of parenthood .Our mission is to provide treatment for healthy pregnancies. Our approach is to ensure patients health and of course healthy babies. As it is a process of producing offspring we want both husband and wife to follow the course regimen properly. Medicines are available for both male and female.

Matab-E-Hameed is an ancient herbal pharmacy serving humanity, since 1911. The one who laid the foundation of Matab-E-Hameed Hakeem Nizam Jan, was not only the best renowned herbalist of times but also a man with loving heart and kind nature. He did his research on various herbs and formulate remedies of diseases which are least understood at that time. His major goal was to serve humanity by formulating a infertility medicine using natural herbs and then passed on his legacy to his son Hakeem Abdul Hameed who was mirror image of late Hakeem Nizam Jan and then to his son Hakeem Tamoor Jan.

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